A mysql data anonymizer tool

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What is Myanon?

Myanon is a mysqldump anonymizer, reading a dump from stdin, and producing on the fly an anonymized version to stdout. Myanon helps you to anonymize MySQL data, when creating dev and test environments from production mysqldump backups.

Anonymization is done through a deterministic hmac processing based on sha-256. When used on fields acting as foreign keys, constraints are kept.

A configuration file is used to store the hmac secret and to select which fields need to be anonymized. Text, integer and email fields can be anonymized.

This tool is in alpha stage. Please report any issue here


Please refer to README on GitHub

Configuration notes

Here is a configuration example:

# Myanon sample config file

secret = 'mysecret'
stats  = 'yes'

tables = {
   `people` = {
     `lastname`   = texthash 10
     `firstname`  = texthash 10
     `age`        = inthash 2
     `email`      = emailhash '' 10
     `division`   = fixed 'mycompany'

Each table and field needs to be back-quoted (same as in mysql dump file). For each field, the following options are available:

Technical notes

Written C, Myanon is small (less than 300Kb stripped), and consumes only a few megabytes of RAM.

As processing a dump file is a sequential process, Myanon is single-threaded, but is quite fast, because it does not rely on any external SQL parser. When reading the dump file, it looks only for ‘CREATE TABLE’ and ‘INSERT INTO’ statements on tables specified in the configuration file. Any other statements are copied from stdin to stdout without any unnecessary parsing.

Simple use case

Example to create both a real crypted (sensitive) backup and an anonymized (non-sentitive) backup from a single mysqldump command:

mysqldump mydb |\
  tee >(myanon -f myanon.cfg | gzip > mydb_anon.sql.gz) |\
  gpg -e -r > mydb.sql.gz.gpg